Patience is a necessity in life

Patience is not endless, but it is a resource that can be renewed

When I am feeling low, I look to my daughter

She is worth every breath I take, even the hard onesĀ 

Especially the hard ones

She doesn’t know everything, but she is learning EVERYTHING faster than I can keep up

What she doesnt understand she tries to figure out and practice

I am learning from her

There is so much I aspire to do

For her

For G-d

For our future

For others in need

I barely know where to begin

I don’t know how it will all turn out

I am hopeful but not confident that I will manage all I aspire to do

But Patience is like faith, I will never get anywhere without it

So I look to G-d and Reina when I am feeling low

I hope I find enough through them to give back to them and anyone else who needs a boost

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